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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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it was pretty loud. >> sounded like a couple firecrackers going off, actually, as we were parking. reporter: detectives were questioning witnesses and also trying to look at surveillance video from the ellington, high-rice condominium on the corner of broadway and third street. that building directly overlooks the crime scene. police believe they know the identity of the victim. however they're not releasing it. the are no arrests at this point, and police do not have any suspects. oakland now approaching 120 homicides for the year above the homicide tote kwr58 -- total last year of 110. >> we have breaking news out of concord. the food max store is shut down because of some sort of enemy cal -- kim cal -- chemical smell. >> an armed suspect has been
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shot in sacramento after a four-hour standoff with police at a fast food restaurant. you can see smoke rise after police fired a concussion grenade into a jack-in-the-box. officers then ran one of two hostages to safety. the other hostage wall rescued unharmed. the gunman was rushed to the hospital. the incident began at 12:30 this afternoon when the man tried to rob the restaurant. >> controversy brewing on c berkeley campus. students want to ban the salvation army. we're live at cal with a look at what's behind the ban. reporter: students here at uc berkeley say that they really enjoy the holidays but they say they don't want the salvationy army to be any part of it elm student government passed a resolution banning the charity from bell-ringing, from actually collecting any type of donations on campus because they say they are allegedly antigay.
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discriminating allegedly against gay and lesbian persons in their soup kitchens, offcampus, and trying to prevent federal funding from going to lbgt causes. while students here on campus have mixed feelings about that. >> always support the salvation army. i didn't know they were antigay, homophobics. >> donating to the salvation army sun -- doesn't mean you're prejudiced against gays and lesbians. just means you want to help people. reporter: in a statement salvation army says it believes all people are equal regardless of sexual oren addition and say, we firmly oppose the mistreatment of lgbt persons. salvation army told me by phone that it does not do any bell-ringing on campus or anywhere without permission.
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student government here would also like a complete ban, an outright ban of the salvation army in the future. students here, actually uc berkeley is considering that. we're live on the uc berkeley camp pows tonight. abc-7 news. >> ama: the family of a man who died after being beaten during a world series celebration in san francisco is pleading for help. sean moffat was almost the revelers from the haight as burly district. his relatives are offering a $25,000 reward. >> two women suspected of stealing a credit card in sausolito have been caught on tape. this is a pike tower -- picture of the women at cvs in mill valley temp police say the stole the car in halloween. the women get into what appears to be a black toyota suv. the owner quickly cancelled the car but officers believe the
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have toes could still be active in the area. >> police and security patrols are being expanded in the east bay to help fight burglaries and other crimes. reporter: hospital claire villages sits at the foot of the oakland hills. a usually quiet area that is seeing a rise in crime. he has owned a store for eight years. >> we had break-ins and robberies, had people that attacked and take the purses. >> help is on the way. security agents from bay alarm will patrol the area in an effort to help the oakland police department which is understaffed. the company will respond to calls from existing customers and any other merchant. montclair resident says more security is needed. >> we've been seeing a lot more home invasions and burglaries. so, anything that can help control it, i'm for it. >> agencyland police announced increased patrols out throughoue
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city. oakland police welcome the add patrols from law enforcement agencies and private security firms like bay alarm. david sauber is a member of the village merchants association. he doesn't think just seeing a bay alarm truck is a deterrent to criminals. >> when you see them out there, you go, oh, that's nice. but i don't think they do any good the detriment we would like to think they are, i don't believe exists. reporter: sauber says the addict needs 24-hour patrols which is financially unrealisishing but for cecelia of the speedment avenue merchants association says police are welcome. >> i think it will work. a very good idea. pool resources. >> oakland police will be getting help from the alameda county sheriffs department, the chp, b.a.r.t. police, and the department of justice to stop the rise of crime in oakland in the east bay, abc-7 news.
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>> ama: a stretch of storm damaged highway one will be closed, went fort ross and mirier road is badly damaged. mud and rocks fell on the road wednesday. you can see a lot of the highway is simply washed away, and that's going to take time to fix. officials are looking to re-open the road next friday afternoon. still to come, homemade explosive detonated and tonight the two bay area teens in big trouble. the backpack that does more than just carry around your books. it could help save a life. the propose s.a.t. -- proposal that got a bit turned around. >> leigh: we're expecting warming. we'll look at the numbers.
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>> ama: tonight al alameda fire officials are calling a fire at a restaurant suspicious. firefighter arrived on scene after 6:00 this morning and managed to contain the flames to the interior of the building. pleasant hill police arrested two teenagers suspected of blowing up a mail box with a pipe bomb. the explosion shook neighbors' windows and woke up several people. the residents of the home didn't want us to use their name but did speak with us. >> the police came really fast? >> they did. they caught them last night.
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>> must have been scary. >> it was but i have very good neighbors. >> police found five teens inside a car at a nearby college park high school. inside the car police found a second device that was detonated by the bomb squad. two teens were arrested and released to their parents. the notoriety of campus shootings in recent times from columbine to virginia tech has given rise to the late nest safety school supplies. it's a backpack with a bulletproof shield marketed by a company that produces urban survival gear. the backpack includes a solar powered generators and chargers for phones and laptops sells for $300 with the shield. >> just ahead, new details on the endangered whale that washed up on a beach. >> and celebrating the festival of lights. we'll take you live to union square on the first night of hanukkah. a lot of people out there. and after some rain during the week, it's a beautiful
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saturday. what is ahead? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: the heisman trophy handed out today two quarterbacks and a middle linebacker your finalists. man ty -- manti taio, johnny manziel, and collin klein anxiously awaiting
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>> removing a whale carcass from a southern california beach will be left if to mother nature. the 40,000-pound whale washed up on a beach in malibu. the beach is privately owned and no government agency will take action to remove the carcass. the remains will stay until time and mother nature take their toll. scientists in the antarctic will explore a portion of the planet cut off from the rest of the world for 500,000 years. they set up a camp at a remote area to search for ancient life. this is video from the expedition. crews will drill through two miles of ice to reach the lake
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below. scientist hope to find species that can teach them about the earth's past climate. >> what we find will be interesting. we could find any number of microbial life and that will be very interesting itself, to find out how those mine croaks are surviving in such an extremely tough condition. >> the temperature averages 13 below zero. the eight-day jewish festival known at hanukkah begins tonight in san francisco the first candle on 25-foot ma hag now menorah will be lit tonight. this is a live look at the celebration at union square. handcar the festival of lights, comet rates the jewish uprising in the second center bc, one candle is lit each day until the holiday is over. >> another sign of the holiday season, toy drives.
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loads of toys were collected today. this one day fill the truck toy drive supports the salvation army's christmas assistant program. the goal is to fill as many salvation army collection byes as possible in an effort to serve thousands of children across the bay area. good idea there. >> absolutely. league? >> leigh: looking at a warm day today, and really temperatures in the mid-to up er 50s across much of the bay area. especially after a cold start. santa rosa, novato, overnight lows of 33 degrees. going to be a little warmer overnight tonight. we'll look at those numbers in a moment. a nice shot from the watermark camera. looking at the bay bridge, have a safe downive your out and about. live doppler 7hd telling you, you will have some dry pavement, dry roads out there, although we have been noticing these high clouds drifting over the bay area. in fact this is what helped to cap those temperatures across
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most of the region in the mid-to up er 50s today. so would cooler than anticipated but we'll start to gradually warm ups and monday. santa rosa did manage 63 degrees. compared to san rafael, 55. 59 in san francisco. 65 in oakland. 57 only in antioch. 60 in livermore, and san jose, 62. currently napa, the 40s. 47 right now. san francisco, 54. 57 in oakland. and 53 in livermore. 55 right now with some high clouds passing overhead in san jose. we'll go with patchy dense fog in some of the protected valley areas overnight. get ready for warmer days the next few days and then start to cool things down, bringing in showers as we get into wednesday and thursday. overnight lows tonight, thanks to the thin veil of clouds, will be a few degrees warmer. so it's going to be dmold the north bay but maybe agent above
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the freezing mark. so 36 for napa. livermore valley yeah, upper 30s as well. 40s elsewhere, with one of the warmest lock indication, san francisco. forecasting 47-degrees there. high pressure, a dirty ridge, we know it is because it's allow something of these clouds to sink in across the bay area. but it is definitely kicking the storm track well to the north, and as this high builds over the bay area, the next couple of days, the storm track will move further to the north, which means that's where the rain is going to be, to the north. we may see a few high clouds, but the high is also going to generate the mild offshore winds so look for warmer days ahead, especially sunday and monday. by tuesday this thing starts to break down and that's what is going to allow the storm door to open back up with cloud, cooler temperatures and a chance of showers moving in on wednesday. enjoy the day tomorrow. warmer temps. santa -- antioch, 6 3.
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patches of densing for in the delta. 63 for monterey. a couple of dry days. mild temperatures on monday. some locations could possibly reach 70 degrees across part0ss of the bay area. and by tuesday, we cool things off, bring in showers wednesday and thursday. 70s on monday. >> ama: love that. mike shumann is here with sports. we're waiting. there can only be one winner. >> mike: unfortunately, the most coveted award, the heisman trophy, handed tout the best player in the land. the three finalists will be a first if they win, manti te'o, the first defense only player to within. johnny manziel, the first freshman, and collin kline will become the first over to win it from kansas state. enough of that. the winner is... >> and now the 2012 winner of
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the heisman memorial trophy is, ... johnny manziel. >> mike: johnny manziel. johnny football they call him in texas. accounted for a 4600 yards this season for. >> ama: , throwing for over 3,000, rushing for over a thousand, leading them to a 10-2 record, including an upset of the top ranked alabama. johnny football can't believe just what happened. a heisman first with a freshman winner. >> to be invited into this fraternity, what pleasure it is. i'd like to start by thanking the heisman trust and everybody that made this weekend possible. a great experience to meet the people i have. manti and collin, great guys off the field as well. >> mike: for the 113th year army and navy faced off in one of the fiercest rivalries in college football, playing for the commander in chief's trophy.
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both teams beat air force so the trophy up for grabs in the season finale for the first time since 2005. navy strikes first. second quarter, 12 yards, 7-0 midshipmen. army responses, nine plays, 75-yard drive. tied at seven. under 5:00 in the game. army up 13-10. reynolds splits the tackles and scores. ran for 40. 17-13 navy. last call for army. larry dixon fumbles the exchange from the quarterback, who you see here, crushing loss to army, who lost 11 straight to navy, 17-13 the final. of course, navy playing in the fight hunger bowl here. >> the niners knew exactly what they needed during the offseason, more wide receivers and that's what they did. brought in randy moss, mario manningham, and drifting a.j. jenkins, manningham went down
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with a shoulder injury, doubtful for tomorrow's game against miami. meaning a.j. jenkins will play for the first time. even though the rockie has not seen any regular season action, coach harbaugh is impressed. >> i've seen progress from a.j. he has been on his assignments. he has executed well when he has been out there. so, he has given great evident. football rewards everytime. >> when the raiders lost darren mcfad ton a running injury that put the onus on carson palmer. his numbers haven't been what they wanted. 30 interceptions, six fumbles in 2 games, including the big pick against denver. can't fault palmer as wide receivers are you can and banged up. but dennis allen is confident with his quarterback. >> i'm not displeased with carson. i think he would be the first to admit when he makes a mistake, and he understands the repercussions of making those
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mistakes, and he continues to work on a day-to-day basis to lead this football team, and he is one of the guys we have to lean on to good forward. >> mike: warriors on a road trip, winning last night in brooklyn, and today david lee and seth curry, a pregame race. didn't wear steph out. drains the three. continues his hot hand. fourth quarter, clay thompson knocking down threes. 91-85. david lee had a double-double last night. another one tonight. warriors lead right now 95-89. under 1:00 to play. we have the final score at 9:00 and 11:00. >> da la. >> well, proposal takes a wrong turn. how a ten-year-old helps discovery the mistake that could discovery the mistake that could have ruined a rela you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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>> join me tonight at 9:00. we'll look at a new theory about what wiped out the dinosaurs did tell you why scientist believe a volcano took them out thousands of years after its initial eruption. then at 11:00, tired of using your fingers to send text
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messages? we'll show you the newest gadget that could hit the market that is truly hands free. you eyes do all the work. now to a giant proposal at a washington state. a farmer did what he knows best when he proposed to his girlfriend. he plowed the field. but he didn't quite go as planned. >> i get done doing the j and my daughter said, dad you did the j backwards. i said, no, i didn't. >> oh, but you did. the farmer took his girlfriend up in the plane for the proposal, and despite spelling her name with an l instead of a j, she said yes. the couple plans to get married next month. that's quick. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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